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Non-compliant Restaurant Gets in Bed with County Commissioner Candidate. What Could Go Wrong?

In the ongoing saga of Horsepower Pavilion, the plot thickens as the non-compliant restaurant ventures into the realm of politics, cozying up to a county commissioner candidate.

It's a match made in heaven, or rather, in the land of disregard for rules and regulations.

Let's break it down.

Here we have a business that flouts zoning laws like they're mere suggestions, offering a smorgasbord of services from hosting events to selling alcohol, all without the bother of permits or compliance.

And now, they've decided to dip their toes into the murky waters of politics, because why not?

The owner, Kate Holland, seems miffed that her establishment is under scrutiny. Well, Kate, when you play with fire, you're bound to get burned.

And getting cozy with a county commissioner candidate, Dan Curry no less, raises eyebrows faster than you can say "conflict of interest."

But let's ponder the possibilities, shall we?

What could possibly go wrong when a business that gives zero cares about following the rules decides to buddy up with a politician?

Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Picture this: quid pro quo deals, backroom negotiations, and a whole lot of shady business.

Dan Curry, known for his disdain of other establishments, suddenly finds a soft spot for Horsepower Pavilion.

The hypocrisy is palpable.

And let's not forget the bigger question: what if every business decided to follow in Horsepower Pavilion's footsteps?

Chaos would reign supreme, with zoning laws tossed aside like yesterday's garbage.

So, before you accuse me of unfair criticism, ask yourself: what if everyone did what Horsepower Pavilion is doing?

The answer, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

So, buckle up, folks. It's going to be a bumpy ride down Highway 20.

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Commissioner John’s in attendance at an event at HPP when the county is in litigation with HPP for code violations is absolutely unethical behavior for a sitting commissioner! ( If she has been positively identified in the above picture then she needs to resign.)


Spot on!👍


Dan's probably cuddling up with them so they'll let him shoot off over there too. Dan's shooting off all over the county from what I've heard and seen....

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