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Exposing Suzanne Harris: A History of Racism

Updated: Apr 27

Recent revelations have shed light on the deeply troubling history of racism associated with Suzanne Harris, a figure notorious in Walton County for her inflammatory remarks and discriminatory actions.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, a city marked by its tumultuous history of racial tensions, Harris's background suggests a troubling connection to the infamous Bull Connor, the Birmingham chief of police notorious for orchestrating race riots during the Civil Rights Movement.

It comes as no surprise to many that Harris, hailing from a region marred by segregation and prejudice, would harbor racist sentiments.

Her actions over the years, documented meticulously by vigilant community members, paint a damning picture of her character and beliefs.

One of the most egregious incidents occurred on December 7th, 2021, a date ironically coinciding with the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

During a Walton County Commissioner meeting, Harris brazenly uttered the N-word, displaying a shocking lack of respect and decency.

What makes this incident particularly appalling is the context in which it occurred – during the honoring of a prominent African American community leader with a lifetime achievement award.

Harris's calculated decision to use such hateful language in the presence of a revered figure and his family speaks volumes about her malicious intent.

Another instance of Harris's bigotry was captured on video during a meeting regarding the Edgewater Beach Resort.

In a reprehensible display of discrimination, Harris lamented the perceived decline in the resort's clientele, attributing it to an increase in minority guests.

Her proposal to cease advertising in "crime areas" targeting lower-income individuals blatantly violated fair housing laws and exposed her deep-seated prejudices.

Furthermore, Harris's attempts at what can only be described as "reverse racism" are transparent attempts to mask her bigotry.

Publicly offering money to people of color who address the board is nothing more than a performative act of benevolence, intended to absolve her of guilt while perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

It is clear that Suzanne Harris's presence in Walton County Commissioner meetings is not only unwelcome but also harmful to the community.

Her history of racist behavior cannot be ignored, and citizens are rightfully demanding accountability from those who associate with her.

Barbara Morano, Donna Johns, and others who align themselves with Harris must reckon with the consequences of their alliances and take decisive action to address the rampant bigotry in our midst.

As the community grapples with the fallout of Harris's actions, it is imperative that we confront racism in all its forms and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

The time for silence and complicity is over – it is time to hold individuals like Suzanne Harris accountable for their hateful rhetoric and discriminatory behavior.

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