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Dan Curry's announces Plan to Shut Down the Eagle Springs Country Club

In a move that has left residents scratching their heads and shaking their fists, County Commissioner Candidate Dan Curry took to Facebook to announce his plans to shut down the beloved Eagle Springs Country Club and restaurant.

Yes, you heard that right. Dan Curry strikes again.

Now, let's be clear.

The Eagle Springs Country Club isn't just any old restaurant.

It's arguably the most popular eatery in DeFuniak Springs, drawing in crowds of hungry patrons day in and day out.

Not to mention, it's a moneymaking enterprise for the county – a rare gem in the realm of public parks.

But alas, logic seems to have escaped Dan Curry once again.

But the real question is if Dan Curry actually pulled this off, what would him and his band of idiots spend all day complaining about?

Despite lacking any rational authority to make such a decision, he boldly declared his intentions on social media, much to the chagrin of literally everyone.

The irony of this situation is palpable.

Remember Quinn Robertson?

Yeah, the guy who got caught red-handed feeding drinks to three subordinate female employees while on the clock at the Eagle Springs Country Club?

Well, guess what?

That scandalous incident led to his termination.

And now, Dan Curry wants to shut down the very establishment where it all went down.

Talk about missing the mark.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Dan Curry operates on a different wavelength than the rest of us.

His penchant for stirring up controversy knows no bounds, and his latest stunt has left the community reeling.

So, as we brace ourselves for the fallout of Dan Curry's Facebook fiasco, one thing remains certain – the Eagle Springs Country Club and restaurant will continue to serve up delicious meals and cherished memories, despite Curry's misguided attempts to shut it down.

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