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Barbara Morano Implicated in Racial Slur Incident

Updated: Apr 27

In a startling turn of events, new reports have emerged implicating Barbara Morano in the recent racial slur incident involving Suzanne Harris during a Walton County Commissioner meeting.

The revelation has sent shockwaves throughout the community, prompting calls for Morano to address her alleged association with Harris and condemn the abhorrent behavior.

According to sources, Morano is a known associate of Harris and was present during the meeting where the racial slur was uttered.

Citizens are now demanding answers from Morano, questioning whether she condones such behavior and if she is willing to stand up against it.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that Morano may have made a deal with Harris to garner support for her District five run in exchange for backing Donna Johns in District four.

This alleged arrangement has raised concerns among residents, who fear that Morano's association with Harris may compromise her integrity and judgment.

"Suzanne Harris is known for her manipulative tactics and cutthroat deals," remarked one concerned citizen.

"It's troubling to think that Barbara Morano may have aligned herself with someone who engages in such reprehensible behavior."

The pressure is mounting on Morano to address the allegations and provide clarity on her stance regarding the use of racial slurs in public meetings.

Citizens are demanding a swift response, giving Morano one week to provide a clear and unequivocal answer.

"If Barbara Morano fails to denounce this behavior, the citizens of Walton County will take matters into their own hands," declared another resident.

"We will not tolerate racism or complicity in our community, especially from our elected officials."

As the community awaits Morano's response, the spotlight remains firmly on her as residents anxiously await to see how she will address these damning allegations.

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It's not like Barbara hasn't taken from black people before:

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