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Weekly Political Update from Walton Associates, LLC May 24, 2024

District One: Trey Nick

Probability of Winning: 90%

Trey Nick remains a formidable contender with a high probability of victory at 90%. His widespread name recognition, coupled with overwhelming support from constituents, solidifies his position as the clear favorite. With opponents lacking in fundraising and marketing strategies, Trey Nick's path to success seems assured. A focus on meeting fundraising goals for yard signs and advertising should secure a landslide victory.

District Three: Chuck Wilder

Probability of Winning: 60%

Chuck Wilder emerges as an impressive candidate, boasting strong political acumen and garnering widespread support across the board. Despite facing an incumbent, Brad Drake, Chuck's diplomatic approach and substantial personal funds give him a fighting chance. While victory may require diligent effort, the lack of substantial support for his opponent suggests a promising outcome. With a 60% chance of winning, Chuck Wilder remains a formidable force in District Three.

District Five: Tony Anderson

Probability of Winning: 90%

Tony Anderson maintains a commanding lead with a 90% probability of victory. As an incumbent with a track record of landslide wins and unparalleled campaign efficiency, Tony stands as the epitome of electoral success in Walton County. With opponents splitting the vote, Tony's path to victory appears even clearer, potentially resulting in a historic landslide.

Overall, Walton Associates, LLC projects a 75% chance of sweeping all three districts, showcasing the strength and viability of endorsed candidates Trey Nick, Chuck Wilder, and Tony Anderson in the current political landscape.

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What do any of the canidates have planned to improve the side roads and keep carts off 30A?


You can't restrict carts from 30A unless you change state law.


Is there a Democrat running in district one?

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