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Walton County Scandal: Three Commissioners Sought for Questioning in Beach Theft

Updated: Apr 2

The citizens of Walton County have reached a breaking point, and they demand answers from those suspected of orchestrating the theft of our beloved beaches.

The Citizens of Walton County Special Investigations Unit has issued a wanted ad for questioning and investigation into the actions of commissioners Donna Johns, Brad Drake, Boots McCormick, Suzanne Harris, and Alan Osborne.

These individuals are wanted for their alleged involvement in the scheme to steal Walton County's beaches, a crime masterminded by none other than Suzanne Harris.

Harris, a prominent Gulf-front homeowner and manager of the Edgewater Beach Condos, is believed to be the driving force behind this nefarious plot. She has reportedly used her influence to manipulate the other commissioners into carrying out her bidding.

Alan Osborne, known for his military background and financial troubles, is suspected to have been enlisted as Harris's muscle in this operation.

Brad Drake, our former representative in the legislature, played a pivotal role in facilitating the theft through legislative means.

Donna Johns, the current commissioner, is implicated in a citizen surveillance ring and is suspected of orchestrating efforts to monitor those investigating the beach theft.

Meanwhile, Boots McCormick, the newest member of the group, is seen as a pawn in Harris's game, willing to sell out his friends and abuse his power for personal gain.

His involvement in the scheme has earned him the dubious distinction of being the "doofus" of the group.

The citizens of Walton County demand accountability and justice for this brazen act of theft. We call on anyone with information regarding the involvement of these individuals to come forward and assist in our investigation.

While we are willing to hear their explanations, the evidence against them is damning, and we will not rest until the truth is brought to light.

It is time for those responsible for stealing our beaches to face the consequences of their actions. Let us unite in our pursuit of justice and ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable for their crimes.

Visit to submit any information you may have and join us in our quest to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Sign the Petition to Take Back Our Beaches

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It’s time to quit all this nonsense. Residents, take your beaches back by rescinding the 4story height restriction.

Code all new construction to allow all residents use of all amenities in all buildings constructed including but not limited to; pool use, beach access, restaurant and bars, restrooms, and garage parking.

It’s a win for all. Beach owners will profit from sales. Residents will enjoy amenities like those on vacation.

There is nothing pretty about a stilt house.



Who pays to maintain dunes and remediate the shores after a storm on these private beaches?


The question has been raised multiple times over the last several years while this has been taking place. Your tax $$$


Jim Garrett
Jim Garrett

Interesting story. I for one would like to know what these individuals did to get on this list. Don't get me wrong, I am all for public access to our beaches and deeply concerned about their loss. But how can we undo the wrong that's been done without first knowing the who, what, where, when and how?


Has the State Attorney General been requested to investigate? Where the Governor involvement in this BS?

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