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Walton County Citizens Group Demands Immediate Withdrawal of Barbara Morano from District 5 County Commissioner Race


[WALTON COUNTY, FL] – Today, a coalition of concerned citizens from across Walton County has launched a formal petition process urging Barbara Morano to withdraw immediately from the District 5 County Commissioner race.

The grassroots movement, comprised of Republicans and Democrats alike, asserts that Morano's candidacy is marred by dishonesty and hypocrisy, posing a grave threat to the integrity of the electoral process.

"At the heart of our petition is a fundamental concern for honesty and transparency in politics," stated a spokesperson for the citizens group.

"Barbara Morano's blatant misrepresentation of her party affiliation is deeply troubling and undermines the trust between candidates and voters."

Despite clear evidence suggesting her alignment with Democratic and liberal ideologies, Morano has chosen to run as a Republican, a move deemed deceitful and disrespectful by the citizens group.

"It insults the intelligence of voters when a candidate attempts to masquerade as something they are not," the spokesperson added.

"We cannot stand idly by while such deceptive tactics jeopardize the democratic principles we hold dear."

The citizens group acknowledges Morano's right to pursue public office but asserts that her candidacy must be based on honesty and integrity.

"If she wishes to run for County Commissioner, she should do so under her true party affiliation or as an independent," the spokesperson emphasized.

"We are not attempting to stifle her rights, but rather to hold her accountable for her actions."

The decision to launch the petition was also motivated by concerns about the potential impact of Morano's candidacy on the electoral landscape.

"Not only is her victory unlikely, but her presence in the race could hinder the chances of genuinely qualified candidates," the spokesperson explained.

"By raising awareness of her dishonesty and discouraging support for her campaign, we hope to create space for honest and transparent candidates to step forward."

The citizens group is inviting all individuals who share their concerns to consider signing the petition, which will be delivered directly to Morano's office.

"We believe in the power of collective action and the right of citizens to hold their elected representatives accountable," the spokesperson concluded.

"This is not a matter of partisanship, but of upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring fair and transparent elections."

Too access the petition, please visit this link here:

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Ted Wilke
Ted Wilke
Apr 23

Barbara is the best thing that could happen to D5. You are delusional to "demand" anything from her.

Replying to

Oh you're just going to be her willing cuck?

Not surprised from a time share salesman.


Jim McDowell
Jim McDowell
Apr 22

You guys need to get a life. Barbara is the best thing that could happen to Walton County

Replying to

You got it right the first time.

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