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VIDEO - Dan Curry's Blunder at White Power Pavilion

In a cringe-worthy turn of events, footage has emerged showing Dan Curry delivering a live speech at the infamous White Power Pavilion, known for its dubious policies and questionable ideologies.

It seems Curry misjudged the crowd's receptiveness to his proposals, landing himself in a metaphorical pile of horse manure, fittingly dubbed the Horse Shit Pavilion.

His suggestion to slash 25% of county staff in one of the nation's fastest-growing counties not only reflects ignorance but also poses a grave danger to public safety.

It appears Dan Curry's blunder has not only tarnished his reputation but also highlighted his incompetence, solidifying his status as a hazard to public welfare.

Let's hope Curry learns from this debacle before he digs himself any deeper into the horse manure.

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Ok, so you hate Dan Curry. Why do you have to throw Horsepower Pavillion in there? Ridiculous.


Why can't you people leave Kate alone? You're the ones people should be afraid.


I dont know anything about Dan. But Horsepower Pavillion has really good fish and chips. I've never heard of it called any of these names.

Replying to

It's a great place to eat and relax.


John Walton there certainly is a lot of truth behind your satiric posts!

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