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Vegas Releases Odds on Walton Gate Scandal: Who's Going to Jail?

Vegas Announces Odds on Walton Gate Scandal: Who's Going to Jail?

Top Three Stooges:

  • Donna Johns, Quinn Robertson, and Joe Turner: 3 to 2 odds

  • The government officials at the center of the scandal, they orchestrated actions against private citizens in a retaliatory fashion. Their involvement makes them prime candidates for facing legal consequences.

Political Players:

  • Barbara Morano and Lisa Veiga: 2 to 1 odds

  • While not government officials, their political motivations and involvement in round table meetings with Donna Johns raise suspicions. Text messages and cell service records suggest they were aware of the orchestrated actions, increasing their likelihood of facing legal repercussions.

Masterminds Behind the Scenes:

  • Alan Osborne and Suzanne: 5 to 2 odds

  • The true masterminds of the scheme, their criminal prowess and ability to cover their tracks lower their odds slightly compared to others. However, their involvement in orchestrating the scandal is undeniable, making them potential targets for legal action.

Others in the Mix:

  • Dan Cosson, Dan Curry, Teddy Stewart, and ALL members of the non-Karen Facebook group: Varying odds

  • While not directly involved in orchestrating the scandal, their association and potential knowledge of the events could lead to legal trouble. Their involvement in discussions surrounding the crime could implicate them in the scandal, with varying degrees of likelihood for legal repercussions.

Conclusion: As the investigation unfolds, the likelihood of various individuals facing legal consequences fluctuates.

While some, like the top three stooges, are more likely candidates due to their direct involvement in government actions, others may find themselves facing charges based on their knowledge or association with the scandal.

One thing is for certain: the Walton Gate scandal has created a web of intrigue and uncertainty, leaving many wondering who will ultimately face justice.

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