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Unraveling WaltonGate: The Key Question of Suzanne Harris's Role

The entire WaltonGate scandal hinges on one crucial question: How did Suzanne Harris obtain the private text messages that were later presented by Donna Johns in a public meeting?

As the layers of this controversy unfold, it becomes increasingly clear that Suzanne Harris's involvement may hold the key to unraveling the truth behind this illegal surveillance operation.

Recent revelations have confirmed that Suzanne Harris was indeed the source of the text messages provided to Donna Johns.

The origin of these messages, traced back to county administration, implicates individuals within the government structure in facilitating this breach of privacy.

Staff members have confessed to their involvement, igniting a blame game within county administration as fingers point in various directions.

The spotlight now turns to uncovering the identity of the individual responsible for leaking the text messages to Suzanne Harris.

This pivotal inquiry will determine the extent of Donna Johns's complicity in the illegal surveillance operation and could ultimately seal her fate as an elected official.

It comes as no surprise that Suzanne Harris finds herself at the center of yet another controversy. Her track record of involvement in contentious matters spanning two decades underscores her penchant for being embroiled in controversy.

If any commissioner is to face removal from office, Suzanne Harris's fingerprints are likely to be found all over the scandal.

The revelation that Suzanne Harris had circulated the text messages to county officials days before Donna Johns's public presentation raises further questions about her motives and agenda.

Her brazen actions, coupled with her history of stirring up trouble, cast a shadow of suspicion over her role in orchestrating this scandal.

While Donna Johns may bear the brunt of criticism and consequences for her actions, it is imperative to uncover the truth behind Suzanne Harris's involvement.

The county attorney and commissioners' public disavowal of Donna Johns's actions during the meeting underscores the gravity of the situation and the potential legal ramifications.

As the investigation progresses, all eyes will be on unraveling the mystery of Suzanne Harris's role in Walton Gate.

If her connection to the illegal surveillance operation can be established, it may spell the end of Donna Johns's political career and expose the true mastermind behind the scandal.

In the pursuit of justice, it is essential to hold those responsible for wrongdoing to account.

Rather than scapegoating the victims of this crime, it is time to direct scrutiny towards the real culprit: Suzanne Harris.

Her actions have thrust Walton County into turmoil, and it is only through uncovering the truth that the community can begin to heal and rebuild trust in its elected officials.

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Is this the same Suzanne Harris that committed homestead fraud for years?

Is this the same Suzanne Harris that filled in a coastal dune lake with no permit of any kind?

Is this the same Suzanne Harris that was thrown off the planning commission for attendance issues?

Replying to

Filled in a Dune Lake? 😳

Please explain


We as a community should be thanking Suzanne Harris for her unwavering dedication to exposing the corruption in our county! I hope she keeps fighting and exposing the wrong doing that happens! Go Suzanne!


You are making a mountain out of molehill John or Chas, or whomever you are today. There are few people who love and protect this community and Suzanne Harris is one of them, and so is Donna Johns, FOR the people of Walton County.


Jim McDowell
Jim McDowell
Feb 08

What a bunch of BS.

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