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Tony Anderson's Triumph: Bringing Stoplights to key 30A Intersections

In the heart of Walton County, where the charm of 30A has long been characterized by four-way stops and blinking lights, Commissioner Tony Anderson has emerged as a catalyst for positive change.

Recently, he's received resounding praise for successfully implementing stoplights at the critical intersections of County Road 283 and County Road 83 on 30A.

For many locals, the four-way stops with their familiar blinking lights have been fixtures of daily life for decades.

As a lifelong resident, I distinctly recall riding in the car with my mother when I was about 5 years old listening to her express concerns about the blinking light at 283 intersection's safety and the need for improvements.

It's a sentiment shared by many who have navigated these intersections over the years.

Tony Anderson's commendable achievement marks the realization of a vision that has lingered for 30 years.

His resilience, political acumen, and unwavering commitment to the community shine through in this accomplishment.

While it may have taken three decades, the installation of stoplights at 283 and 83 is a testament to Anderson's determination to enhance the safety and traffic flow along this iconic stretch of 30A.

This success builds on Tony's prior contributions, including his instrumental role in securing stoplights at 395, a few years back.

As the District 5 County Commissioner, Tony Anderson remains dedicated to mitigating congestion, improving traffic conditions, and fostering a more seamless traffic flow along 30A.

Walton County residents applaud Tony Anderson for translating his commitment into tangible results.

We extend our best wishes and eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will continue to make in his role as District 5 County Commissioner.

Cheers to Tony Anderson for transforming vision into reality and enhancing the beauty and safety of our beloved 30A community.

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