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Todd Roark Endorses Tony Anderson for Walton County Commissioner


Seagrove Beach, FL - Todd Roark, a non-prominent figure in Walton County, has officially come out of political retirement to endorse Tony Anderson for Walton County Commissioner.

In an open letter addressed to the commissioners, Roark expressed his support for Anderson, highlighting the need for change in the county's approach to development and planning.

Roark's endorsement comes amidst growing concerns within the community regarding the county's handling of development projects and the impact on local residents.

In his letter, Roark raised issues about the rush of development orders being granted before the implementation of the new mobility fee, suggesting that developers may be exploiting loopholes in the system.

"It's becoming apparent with the number of development orders being granted and misstatements made during the planning commission meetings and subsequent meetings, as well as what we are seeing on the job sites - something is fishy," stated Roark in his letter.

He further emphasized the accountability of Commissioner Tony Anderson, representing District 5 encompassing the beaches of 30A.

Roark called upon Anderson to address the concerns of citizens and take action to protect the interests of the community.

"We on 30A, your district 5 citizens, hold you 100% accountable for allowing what has happened to our beach communities," Roark asserted in his letter.

With his endorsement of Tony Anderson, Roark aims to bring attention to the need for transparency, accountability, and responsible governance in Walton County.

Anderson's commitment to addressing the concerns of residents and advocating for their interests aligns with Roark's vision for a better future for the community.

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It is my believe that he will rant about this along with his manifesto....

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