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The Galloway School, Walton County Campus: A Vision for the Future

Prepared by Charles Gresham Galloway

March 29, 2024


Charles Gresham Galloway, a distinguished figure in Walton County and the visionary grandson of Elliot Galloway—the founder of the Galloway School in Buckhead, Georgia—presents a bold proposal to establish a new campus of the Galloway School in DeFuniak Springs, Walton County.

Drawing from a deep well of familial legacy and personal aspiration, Charles seeks to extend the educational philosophy of his grandfather while honoring the historical and cultural essence of his beloved hometown.


Charles is not only a prominent business owner and political figure in Walton County but also the namesake of the iconic Gresham Building, a symbol of educational excellence and architectural beauty. His connection to Walton County, combined with a passion for education and community development, positions him uniquely to bring this ambitious project to fruition.

The Vision

The proposal encompasses the creation of a comprehensive educational institution that integrates elements of the Montessori method, liberal arts education, and vocational training.

The campus will cater to students from elementary levels through to higher education, aiming to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow within Walton County and beyond.

The Gresham Building Legacy

Central to Charles's vision is the recreation of the Gresham Building, a task he approaches with both a sense of preservation and innovation.

By identifying and restoring a building in DeFuniak Springs that mirrors the architectural splendor of the original Gresham Building, Charles intends to establish a physical and symbolic cornerstone for the new campus.Educational Philosophy

The Galloway School, Walton County Campus, will be built on the principles of inclusivity, innovation, and inspiration.

The curriculum will be designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the community's agricultural, environmental, and technological heritage. Special emphasis will be placed on practical, real-world learning experiences that prepare students for meaningful contributions to society.

Community Integration and Expansion

Charles envisions the campus as a vibrant hub of educational and cultural activity, deeply integrated with the life of Walton County.

The expansion plan includes the acquisition of additional buildings around Circle Drive to house specialized schools in law, literature, political science, business administration, and more, reflecting the diverse interests and needs of the community.

Funding and Support

The project will seek funding through a combination of private investment, community fundraising, and potential partnerships with educational institutions.

Charles's commitment to this project is unwavering, and he is confident that with the support of the Galloway School family and the broader community, this vision can become a reality.


The establishment of the Galloway School's Walton County Campus represents a bold step forward in the legacy of Elliot Galloway, offering a unique opportunity to blend tradition with innovation.

Charles Gresham Galloway invites you to join him in realizing this vision, a testament to the enduring power of education to shape the future.

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