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Taxpayer Dollars or Monopoly Money? Walton County's Charade with Consultants Sparks Outrage

Alright, let's talk fiscal responsibility, folks.

Walton County may be rolling in dough, but that doesn't mean we should throw around taxpayer dollars like it's Monopoly money.

We've got a top-tier planning department, an economic development alliance that's second to none, so why in the name of common sense are we forking over a cool million to some out-of-town consulting firm to tell us how to run our own backyard?


And if my sarcasm rubs you the wrong way, tough luck.

We just coughed up enough cash to lease a county commissioner's salary for two decades to a consulting firm that basically hosted a glorified meet-and-greet.

They didn't even bother setting a time limit, folks! It was like they were playing a game of "let's see who can introduce themselves the best."

And don't even get me started on the lack of advertising for these shindigs. I had to dig deeper than a mole in a veggie patch just to find out where they were happening!

Now here's a knee-slapper for you: Did you hear they're using urban planning consultants instead of rats for science experiments now?

Yeah, apparently there's no shortage of consultants, and even rats have standards!

So go ahead, get your knickers in a twist over my sarcasm.

But let's face facts: we could've had twenty Danny Glidewells for the price of this charade, and I'd take Danny any day of the week.

And let's not forget the real MVPs of the show, Uriah Matthews and Matt Carpenter, who could run circles around this bunch in their sleep!

So to all you South Walton elitists who begged for this nonsense, why don't you grow a spine and demand your million bucks back?

It's time to put an end to this farce and get back to the real business of serving the people!

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