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"Take Back Our Beaches" Petition Surpasses 1,500 Signatures, Aims for 10,000 to Demand Action from Governor DeSantis


WALTON COUNTY, FL - In a remarkable display of community activism, the "Take Back Our Beaches" petition, launched by concerned citizens of Walton County, has surged past 1,500 signatures, signaling a groundswell of support for the preservation of public beach access.

The petition, initiated by a grassroots coalition of residents and advocates, aims to address growing concerns over the privatization and restricted access to Walton County's beaches.

With over 1,500 signatures collected within a short span of time, the momentum behind the campaign is undeniable.

"We are thrilled to see such overwhelming support for our cause," said a spokesperson for the coalition. "The response from our community and beyond reaffirms the importance of protecting our beaches as public assets for everyone to enjoy."

The coalition's goal is to reach 10,000 signatures, at which point they plan to hand-deliver the petition to Governor DeSantis's office, urging him to take decisive action to ensure equitable and unrestricted access to Walton County's beaches.

"We believe that reaching 10,000 signatures will send a powerful message to Governor DeSantis," the spokesperson added. "It's imperative that our voices are heard, and we are committed to making sure our beaches remain accessible to all."

The "Take Back Our Beaches" petition has gained traction on social media platforms, with supporters sharing their stories and rallying others to join the cause. The coalition encourages all residents and beach lovers to sign the petition and help reach the 10,000 signature milestone.

To sign the petition and learn more about the campaign, visit this link:

About the "Take Back Our Beaches" Coalition:

The "Take Back Our Beaches" coalition is a grassroots initiative dedicated to preserving public beach access in Walton County, Florida.

Comprising concerned citizens, activists, and community leaders, the coalition advocates for equitable and unrestricted access to the county's beaches for residents and visitors alike.

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DeSantis won’t do anything about it. People have been going to him all over the state where the same thing is happening but farther down south the beaches are being taken over by New Yorkers here it’s being taken over by people from Atlanta mostly. Was once working on a house on the public beach the Karen calls the cops on a family sitting in front of her house and the cops tells her they don’t have to move but we can ask and the people moved the cops shouldn’t even ask if they know it’s public. Anyways DeSantis is on his way out he isn’t going to save the beaches. Maybe confront Matt Gaetz who is our representative. It…

Replying to

Tell us who we can vote for who will make the beaches public again. It has to be someone with strong will cause the millionaires will jus pay them off with donations and kickbacks.

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