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Suzanne Harris's Facebook Post Unveils Citizen Surveillance Operation in Walton County


In a shocking turn of events, Suzanne Harris's recent Facebook post has brought to light a disturbing citizen surveillance operation, revealing a scandal now known as WaltonGate.

The implications of this revelation extend beyond the termination of county administrator Quinn Robertson, hinting at a broader and concerning misuse of authority.

Evidence suggests that private citizens critical of high-level leadership in the county were placed under surveillance and subjected to investigations, orchestrated by county administrators without valid jurisdiction or authority.

Two alarming incidents served as proof of this unwarranted intrusion into citizens' privacy.

Commissioner Donna Johns publicly displayed private text messages from citizens during a county meeting, breaching the boundaries of confidentiality.

Subsequently, the Sheriff's Office discovered an iPad at the county administration with synced private citizen text messages, further confirming the existence of a surveillance operation against those expressing dissent.

The crucial breakthrough in exposing this operation came when Suzanne Harris posted on Facebook, seemingly gloating about her inside information.

In a post within the non-Karen Walton County Facebook group, Harris referred to a county employee as the "itsy bitsy spider" and claimed to have received information about Chaz Galloway filing a lawsuit against Donna Johns.

This post, while initially reflective of Harris boasting about her sources, inadvertently led investigators and victimized citizens to uncover the illegal surveillance operation.

The irony lies in the fact that had Suzanne not shared this information, the employees involved might have escaped detection, and Donna Johns would not be facing the current scrutiny.

Questions are now arising about Suzanne Harris potentially being an accessory to this federal crime, as the investigation delves into her role in the unlawful surveillance.

This incident underscores the complexity of Harris's actions, portraying her as more than just an advocate for the people but as a catalyst for harm to the county and its residents.

As the legal process unfolds, it appears that Suzanne Harris may face consequences for the harm caused over the years.

Walton County must now confront the consequences of this revelation, reflecting on the need for transparency and accountability in its leadership.

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