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Sustainable Development Alliance Launches Walton Webinar Series for 2024 Election Cycle


Walton County, FL – Walton County politics just got a whole lot more interesting with the announcement of the Walton Webinar Series by the Sustainable Development Alliance (SDA).

(Visit to learn more.)

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Leading up to the August 20 election for the Walton County commissioner races, the SDA will host weekly webinars, promising to be the most significant political movement and discussion in Walton County's history.

"This will be the biggest political movement and discussion that Walton County has ever seen by a factor of 100," stated a spokesperson for the Sustainable Development Alliance. "Literally, there will be no excuse not to be informed this election cycle.

This is one of the most pivotal election cycles we've ever seen in Walton County, and we are poised to change Walton County for the better right here and now."

The Walton Webinar Series aims to engage residents, business owners, and thought leaders in discussions about the future of Walton County.

Each week, the webinars will cover a variety of topics, including candidate forums, debates, specific projects, and initiatives related to sustainable development, economic growth, and community involvement.

The webinars will be broadcasted virtually, with some sessions conducted via Zoom and others in video format.

(Visit to learn more.)

In-person events will also be organized, adhering to safety protocols and guidelines. Attendance will be limited to key stakeholders and thought leaders, with registration required to secure a spot.

"Everyone who's interested in politics is encouraged to sign up early," urged the spokesperson. "This is your chance to be part of the change in Walton County. Visit for more information and to register."

The Sustainable Development Alliance is committed to driving positive change in Walton County through sustainable development, economic growth, and community involvement.

Join us in shaping the future of Walton County.

About Sustainable Development Alliance:

The Sustainable Development Alliance (SDA) is a leading advocate for sustainable development, economic growth, and community involvement in Walton County.

Founded with a mission to drive positive change, the SDA is dedicated to shaping the future of Walton County through informed discussions, advocacy, and action.

Visit to learn more.

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