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Stan Sunday: Good Idea or Great Idea for Walton County?

The recent appointment of Stan Sunday as the new interim Walton County administrator has sparked a debate among residents and insiders alike – is it a good idea, a bad idea, or perhaps a great idea?

To delve into this decision, it's crucial to understand Sunday's background and the circumstances surrounding his return to this pivotal role.

Stan Sunday's reentry into the Walton County scene brings with it a wealth of experience, having previously served as the deputy county administrator under Larry Jones.

His decision to resign in 2021 is worth noting, emphasizing that he was not terminated. However, whispers among Walton County insiders suggest that Sunday's departure may have been influenced by certain individuals within the county government, some of whom still hold positions on the board.

While Sunday's managerial tactics have faced occasional scrutiny, few can deny his capabilities. The question that arises is whether the potential benefits of bringing him back outweigh any reservations tied to personal issues with specific commissioners.

The consensus among unbiased observers leans towards viewing Sunday's return as, at the very least, a good idea considering the current state of affairs.

With an intricate understanding of the county's dynamics and a familiarity with key players, Sunday is poised to hit the ground running from day one.

Free from the shadow of Larry Jones, he can take charge of Walton County administration, ushering in a new era that puts the Quinn Robertson and Joe Turner controversies behind.

What makes this decision potentially great is Sunday's ability to restore focus to the business of making Walton County an exceptional place to live. With intelligence, experience, and a commitment to the community, Sunday has the potential to guide the county forward.

He offers a chance for unity and progress, breaking free from recent tumultuous times.

In endorsing Stan Sunday as the new county administrator, this reporter sees not just a good idea, but perhaps a great one.

With gratitude for his experience, local roots, and commitment to Walton County, we, as citizens, elected officials, staff, and concerned individuals, owe our full support to Sunday.

After months of challenges, having someone of Sunday's caliber take the helm is a reason for optimism, and fully endorses and wishes him the best of luck in steering Walton County towards a brighter future.

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