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South Walton Agitators Meddling in Defuniak Springs Elections Must Cease

The intrusion of South Walton political agitators into Defuniak Springs' local elections has reached a boiling point, eliciting widespread frustration and indignation among Defuniak Springs residents.

Individuals such as Alan Osborne, Barbara Morano, and Lisa Veiga have worn out their welcome with their misguided attempts to influence votes in a city that is nowhere near their own.

Defuniak Springs, located miles away from South Walton, has found itself at the center of unwelcome attention from these outsiders, who have taken to the streets brandishing signs and slogans that have no relevance to our city.

Their audacity to proclaim ownership over Defuniak Springs' charter, despite not residing within its boundaries, is both nonsensical and infuriating to local residents.

The actions of these individuals demonstrate a profound lack of understanding and respect for the autonomy of Defuniak Springs and its citizens.

It is incomprehensible that they would seek to impose their will on a community to which they have no connection or stake.

Their presence on our street corners, attempting to dictate the outcome of our elections, is nothing short of insulting and unwarranted.

Furthermore, their apparent inability to comprehend basic geography and municipal boundaries only serves to underscore their ignorance and incompetence.

Defuniak Springs residents are left incredulous at the absurdity of the situation, wondering why these individuals are unable to grasp the simple concept of staying within their own jurisdiction.

The comparison to the city of Destin attempting to dictate the operations of Walton County is apt and highlights the absurdity of the situation.

Just as Defuniak Springs would rightfully reject interference from external entities, so too must it rebuff the meddling of South Walton agitators who seek to disrupt our democratic process.

It is time for Allen Osborne, Barbara Morano, Lisa Vega, and their cohorts to recognize the folly of their actions and cease their attempts to influence Defuniak Springs' elections.

Defuniak Springs residents will not be swayed by outside interference and will remain steadfast in upholding the integrity of our local governance.

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So let me get this straight, YOU are alleging that those pictured from other parts of Walton County are VOTING in the DeFuniak Springs city election? Common now, you don't allow that!?!?

Or is your main complaint that people that do business in DeFuniak Springs but live outside the municipal limits, who are STAKEHOLDERS and buy groceries in DFS, go to the dentist in DFS, obtain health care in DFS, visit their family members who live inside DFS, and otherwise support the tax revenue base of DFS are exercising their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to FREE SPEECH and waving a picket sign??? You want our money, you don't want our voices as STAKEHOLDERS?

Go pound sand!


“Our street corners”???

Dude your lying a$$ lives in Grayton Beach.

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