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Should Gary Be Trusted?

The question on everybody's lips, especially on John Walton's lately, is: should Gary be trusted?

Now, I’m not talking about Gary Mattison, I'm talking about another Gary.

Gary is a bully; he’s always been a bully.

Yeah, I mean, we’ve all seen some use for him in the past for certain things, but he clearly couldn’t win a political race to save his life.

And now, he’s starting to associate with some very bad eggs, and he’s pissing off the people he shouldn’t be pissing off.

Just to be clear, John Walton doesn’t work for Gary, he doesn’t answer to Gary, and truthfully he doesn’t think very much of him as a man either.

This whole, “I don’t kiss rings, I cut off fingers" thing that Gary likes to play is the biggest loser strategy I’ve ever seen considering how much he loses.

And now, he’s associating with losers like Joe Johnson, who is literally running around pedaling Suzanne Harris' election strategy, and now he’s got Gary doing their bidding.

So I’m asking the readers: should Gary be trusted now or in the future?

I’ll just go on record right now.

I don’t trust the guy as far as I could throw him. But I’m just a blogger.

That doesn’t mean he might not... I might not work for him, but I don’t trust the guy.

I don’t like the guy.

I don’t even want to like the guy.

Thank you for your consideration, and remember, in the political landscape, trust is earned, not given.


John Walton

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