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Seagrove Residents Criticize Charles Galloway for Advocating Customary Use, Then Advocate for Beach Exclusivity

In a bizarre twist of logic, residents of Seagrove Beach have taken to Nextdoor to berate their neighbor, Charles Galloway, for his support of customary use of the beaches.

Despite the widespread desire for public beach access, Galloway's stance has been met with fierce opposition from those who seemingly champion beach exclusivity.

"It's ridiculous," exclaimed one Seagrove resident. "If Galloway thinks everyone should have access to the beach, he should just pack up and leave.

This is America, not a free-for-all beach party.

There are plenty of other things to do besides going to the beach.”

Another resident chimed in, echoing the sentiment: "Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to speak freely wherever you want. If Galloway wants to express his views, he should do it somewhere else. Nextdoor is for complaining about lost cats, not advocating for beach access.”

The irony of residents criticizing Galloway for advocating beach access while simultaneously advocating for exclusive beach rights was not lost on observers.

"It's like they want their cake and to eat it too," remarked a bewildered bystander."They claim to support beach access, but only if it's on their terms. It's the epitome of hypocrisy."

As the debate rages on Nextdoor, it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of taking social media commentary at face value.

In the world of Nextdoor, logic often takes a back seat to contradiction, and common sense is a rare commodity.

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