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Residents Express Frustration with Barbara Morano's Policy Decisions in Walton County


Walton County, Florida — Residents in Walton County are expressing frustration with Commissioner Barbara Morano's decisions and actions, particularly regarding development and taxation in the area.

Concerns have been raised about perceived contradictions between Morano's stated goals and the outcomes of her policies.

Specifically, residents are troubled by the increase in traffic and the shifting of the tax burden onto local residents rather than tourists, despite Morano's stated intentions.

Many are questioning the alignment between Morano's identification as a Republican and her predominantly supporting national Democrats through political contributions.

There is a growing sentiment that Morano's decisions may be short-sighted and could have negative impacts on the community.

Examples cited include the defeat of a low-traffic luxury RV park, which was replaced by a high-density, high-traffic townhome complex, potentially compromising child safety.

Similarly, the defeat of a low-density, low-traffic storage unit proposal led to the sale of the property to a developer known for exploring high-density, multi-story, affordable housing apartments – a development that residents had opposed.

Residents are questioning whether Morano's motivations are driven by personal or political gain rather than the best interests of the community.

The mention of potential market adjustments in housing prices underscores the belief that market forces will ultimately shape outcomes, regardless of Morano's interventions.

As differing perspectives on Morano's actions emerge, it is clear that residents are seeking transparency and accountability in decision-making processes that impact their lives and communities.

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She's a menace and will be a detriment to the county.

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