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Reader Poll: Who Hired the Private Investigators?

In a classic case of Walton County drama, mysterious cars have been spotted lurking around the homes of John Walton and another victim of the infamous Walton Gate case.

While John Walton himself couldn't care less, the question on everyone's mind is: Who hired the private investigators?

With Donna Johns and Boots McCormick emerging as the top suspects, it's a toss-up as to which county commissioner is behind the surveillance.

Donna Johns, a former private investigator herself, seems like a logical choice for orchestrating such covert operations.

After all, who better to hire than someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry?

On the other hand, Boots McCormick's thuggish tendencies and reliance on brute force suggest a different approach.

While Donna may opt for the professional route, Boots is more likely to send his goons, like Debbie Heard, to intimidate and harass his adversaries.

But let's not rule out the possibility of involvement from the Dixie Mafia, as Debbie Heard ominously hinted at the fate that awaits those who cross paths with them.

Could these mysterious cars be a sign of impending danger, or just the work of nosy private investigators?

Regardless of who's behind the surveillance, one thing's for sure: John Walton isn't losing any sleep over it.

With a clean conscience and nothing to hide, he welcomes the scrutiny and invites the private investigators to kick back and enjoy some TV if they're bored.

So, to the criminals and their cohorts, John Walton has a simple message: Bring it on.

Your days of running amok in Walton County are numbered, and justice will prevail.

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