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Radical Left-Wingers' Blunder Marks a New Low in Political History

Buckhead, Atlanta – Joe Norley, a native of Buckhead, has etched his name in the annals of political blunders with a misguided attempt to save the Gresham building at the Galloway School.

In a move that has left many scratching their heads, Norley and his band of left-wing radicals embarked on a campaign that has backfired spectacularly, earning them ridicule and scorn from all corners.

Norley's amateurish stunt involved reaching out to the Galloway family, attempting to enlist their support in his misguided cause.

However, his biggest misstep came when he tried to recruit Charles Gresham Galloway, the grandson of Elliot Galloway and the namesake of the building in question.

Little did Norley know that Galloway is not only a powerful political operative but also a savvy publicist with deep roots in the Florida panhandle.

The crux of Norley's blunder lay in his attempt to play the race card in reverse, attempting to rile up the African American community against a predominantly white area under the guise of civil rights activism.

However, Galloway saw through the charade immediately, calling out Norley's blatant attempts at race-baiting and manipulation.

Galloway has made it clear that Norley and his cronies are not welcome anywhere near the Galloway family or the Galloway School, past or present.

Their actions have been condemned as despicable and racist, with repercussions promised if they dare to overstep their bounds again.

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