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Questionable Event Venue Considers Name Change

In a surprising turn of events, Horsepower Pavilion is contemplating a name change, and readers have suggested two options that seem fitting for the venue's true nature.

The first contender is "White Power Pavilion," a name that reflects the venue's resemblance to Klan rallies and Nazi sympathizer gatherings.

While some may scoff at the suggestion, a quick Google search of Joe Turner and Suzanne Harris reveals a troubling history of racist policies and behavior associated with the venue's activities.

If the shoe fits, or in this case, if the hood fits, why not embrace it?

The second suggestion, "Horse Shit Pavilion," is a more straightforward option that accurately describes the quality of content peddled at the venue.

From ludicrous proposals to cut county staff by 25% to illegal building practices and attempts to rig the political system, it's clear that the venue specializes in spreading nothing but horse shit.

Dan Curry's proposal to slash county staff, despite lacking the authority to do so, is a prime example of the horse shit mentality that permeates the venue's operations.

Add to that the involvement of individuals like Kate Holland, whose only interest in politics seems to be furthering her own agenda, and it becomes abundantly clear why "Horse Shit Pavilion" is a fitting moniker.

While the venue may have potential, its association with bigotry, corruption, and deceit makes it a place that true Walton County citizens would do well to avoid.

Let's hope that a name change will signal a change in direction for this questionable establishment. Until then, steer clear of the horse shit and stand up for what's right.

Please direct all lawsuits to this email:

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06 avr.

You’re a compete and utter fucking dick. Not only is writing third grade at best. Your narrative is misguided and fucking wrong. What you need to do it take your Trump thumping ass and go away. Talk about right wing propagandist talking shit at its finest. In the future keep sucking Trey Nicks balls and enjoy life.


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