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PSA: Walton County Citizens advised to Bury their Guns

Attention, citizens of Walton County! We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a critical public service announcement.

Yes, you heard it right – it's time to start digging holes for your firearms and burying them deep in the ground.

Why, you ask?

Well, let me enlighten you.

As the August Walton County Commissioner Election approaches, we find ourselves in the midst of a political storm unlike any other.

The liberals are descending upon us like a flock of seagulls at a beach picnic, and they're bringing their Democratic candidates with them.

Michael Miller is boldly running under the Democratic banner, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Enter Barbara Morano – the chameleon of politics, the shape-shifter extraordinaire.

While she and her husband cozy up to the Walton County Democratic Party, they've chosen to masquerade as Republicans in the county commissioner race.

It's a plot twist worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, but alas, it's our reality.

And let's not forget about Suzanne Harris, the mastermind behind it all.

With her cunning strategies and insatiable thirst for power, she'll stop at nothing to see her minions seated in positions of authority.

So, dear citizens, heed our advice and bury your guns.

Who knows what madness awaits us if these liberal infiltrators gain a foothold in our county government?

It's better to be safe than sorry, so grab your shovels and start digging those holes.

And while you're at it, let's encourage these political shape-shifters to take a polygraph test.

After all, transparency is the name of the game, and we deserve to know the truth behind their political charades.

In conclusion, let's not allow our beloved Walton County to fall victim to the clutches of lies, deceit, and flaming liberalism.

Together, we can preserve the pride, integrity, and conservative values that make our county great.

Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and above all, stay satirical.


John Walton

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