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Press Release: Walton County Planning Commission Meeting on February 8th


Walton County, FL – The Walton County Planning Commission is set to convene on Thursday, February 8, 2024, at 4:00 PM in the Freeport Board Room.

This meeting will address critical legislative items, including various zoning requests and development agreements vital for the county's future.

Key Legislative Items on the Agenda:

1. North Gulf SSA with Rezoning (24-0176): The application submitted by Core Engineering & Consulting, Inc. seeks a Future Land Use Amendment with Rezoning for approximately 0.69 +/- acres located at 4947 East County Highway 30A, 4965 East County Highway 30A, and 37 North Gulf Drive.

2. Voelker SSA (24-0177): Presented by Dunlap and Shipman, PA, this future land use with rezoning application aims to change the current future land use from Estate Residential to Residential on 4 +/- acres located at 121 Dewey Drive.

3. Flynn Developer's Agreement (24-0178): The proposed development agreement is associated with a Small Scale Future Land Use Map amendment and rezoning application. It requests changes to the Future Land Use Map designation from Residential to Commercial and the Official Zoning Map district from Residential Preservation to Neighborhood Commercial for approximately 1.14 +/- acres.

4. Flynn SSA with Rezoning (24-0179): This legislative item, linked to project FLU23-000001, seeks a future land use with rezoning application to change the current future land use and zoning district from Residential to Commercial or lesser on 1.15 +/- acres.

Key Quasi-Judicial Items:

5. Thompson Woods - Ph2 with PUD Amendment (24-0184):

Catherine Development LLC's major development application requests approval for a 33-single-family-lot subdivision and associated infrastructure on 4.17 +/- acres at 22 Bedford Manor Road and 305 Thompson Road.

6. South Walton Commerce Park PUD Amendment (Phase 3) (24-0185):

The major development order application submitted by Innerlight Engineering Corporation on behalf of the St. Joe Timberland Company seeks approval for the development of 28 commercial lots and associated infrastructure on 98.93 +/- acres.

The Planning Commission encourages public participation in this important meeting.

Meeting Details:

- Date and Time: Thursday, February 8, 2024, 4:00 PM

- Location: Freeport Board Room

- Zoom Registration: [Link](

Press Contact:

[Planning Commission Media Relations]

[Contact Information]


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