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Petition for the Resignation of Walton County Commissioners

Dear Governor Desantis

We, the citizens of Walton County, are requesting the following:

In light of recent events and discoveries that have severely undermined public trust and confidence, we, the undersigned, are compelled to take action against what we perceive as egregious violations of trust, ethics, and law by our elected officials. Our beloved county, known for its beauty, community spirit, and shared values, has been marred by the actions of three of our County Commissioners, specifically:

  • District 1 County Commissioner Boots McCormick

  • District 3 County Commissioner Brad Drake

  • District 4 County Commissioner Donna Johns

Their conduct has not only brought disrepute to the offices they hold but has also threatened the very fabric of our governance and community well-being.

Immediate Resignation

We demand the immediate resignation of Commissioners Boots McCormick, Brad Drake, and Donna Johns. Their continued presence in office exacerbates the harm to our community's trust and hinders the path to recovery and restoration of integrity.

Accountability for Wrongdoings

The allegations against these Commissioners include, but are not limited to:

  • Conspiracy to privatize public beaches, thereby denying the community access to its most cherished natural resources.

  • Abuse of power and violation of their oaths of office, through actions that have served personal or vested interests at the expense of public good.

  • Illegal search and seizure activities targeting private citizens and journalists who sought to question or expose their actions.

  • Suppression of free speech, through retaliatory measures against whistleblowers and critics.

  • Involvement in sexual harassment, as evidenced by settlements paid out from public funds, and ongoing legal actions that underscore a pattern of reprehensible behavior.

  • Employment in a secondary, illegal job, representing a clear conflict of interest and violation of legal statutes governing public office.

  • Collusion and engagement in activities that likely violate sunshine laws designed to ensure transparency and accountability in governance.

  • Financial mismanagement, leading to unnecessary legal fees and settlements that have imposed a significant burden on taxpayers.

Investigation and Oversight

We urge the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to expedite its investigation into these matters, ensuring a thorough and unbiased examination of all allegations. We also call upon state and federal oversight bodies to review the governance of Walton County, to prevent future abuses of power and restore public confidence.

Governor’s Intervention

Should the Commissioners fail to resign promptly, we request the Governor of Florida to intervene, utilizing the powers vested in the office to remove them from their positions, to protect the welfare and trust of Walton County’s residents.

By signing this petition, we not only express our lack of confidence in Commissioners McCormick, Drake, and Johns but also our unwavering commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability, and integrity in public service. We believe that the immediate resignation of these individuals is imperative to begin the healing process and to safeguard the future of Walton County.

This petition reflects our collective voice, demanding action that is both necessary and overdue, to uphold the standards of governance we deserve. We stand united in our resolve to see integrity restored to Walton County's leadership and to ensure such breaches of trust are not repeated.

Background information Petition for Resignation from Walton County Commissioners


This document serves as a comprehensive prospectus for the petition demanding the resignation of Walton County Commissioners: District 1's Boots McCormick, District 3's Brad Drake, and District 4's Donna Johns. It outlines the allegations of misconduct, abuse of power, and other wrongdoings committed by these officials. The purpose of this document is to provide a clear and detailed background for citizens, the Governor, state attorneys, law enforcement, and even the accused commissioners themselves, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the necessity for their resignation.

The Allegations

The Theft of Our Beaches

The initial act that precipitated this call for resignation is the alleged theft of Walton County's beaches. It has come to our attention that these three commissioners played significant roles in either the initial act or the subsequent cover-up of this theft, abusing their power and violating their oath of office in the process. This cover-up, spanning over five years, has deprived the community of one of its most valued assets and stands as a primary reason for their requested resignation.

Abuse of Power

All three commissioners are accused of abusing their power, with specific instances dramatically highlighting their misconduct:

  • District 1 Commissioner Boots McCormick is accused of using his power for sexual conquests, resulting in a $220,000 settlement paid with taxpayer money to one of his victims. With another lawsuit pending and potentially more victims, McCormick is seen as a direct threat to the safety and wellbeing of Walton County's citizens.

  • District 4 Commissioner Donna Johns allegedly used her power to investigate political opponents and retaliate against citizens and whistleblowers, employing county resources and her private investigator license in these endeavors.

Financial and Ethical Misconduct

  • Financial Repercussions: The actions of these commissioners have already resulted in significant financial losses for Walton County, including legal fees and settlements with victims of harassment. The continued misuse of taxpayer money and the potential for future financial liabilities underscore the urgency of their removal from office.

  • Violation of Legal and Ethical Standards: The commissioners' associations with known criminals, retaliation against whistleblowers, illegal wiretapping, and violation of sunshine laws represent a profound breach of trust and integrity, threatening the very foundation of democratic governance in Walton County and beyond.

Conclusion: A Call for Immediate Action

The detailed allegations outlined in this prospectus are not just indictments of individual misconduct but are symptomatic of a broader crisis in governance that threatens the safety, rights, and democratic values of Walton County and its citizens. The resignation of Commissioners Boots McCormick, Brad Drake, and Donna Johns is deemed essential not only for the restoration of public trust and integrity but also for the protection of the community and the principles of American democracy.

This document, while providing necessary background information, is also a call to action for all stakeholders involved, urging immediate and decisive measures to address these grievances and ensure accountability and justice in Walton County's governance.

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