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Walton County Citizens start Petition AGAINST Re-Zoning

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Say NO to Rezoning of the Christian International Properties

– If the rezoning request is approved, then an agreement called “The Developer’s Agreement” will allow the construction of 658 apartment units on both the North and South sides of 98.

– The organizers & signers of this petition believe, if approved the rezoning request and proposed use of the property allowing for such a large number of multi-family dwelling units would be a negative decision for the Walton County community because:

Key Points

  • Changing the zoning of a property on the Future Land Use plan from Conservation Residential to General Commercial sets a dangerous precedent

  • The negative impacts on an already strained system of infrastructure

  • The negative impacts on the natural environment and ecosystem

  • The lack of civic services to support additional full time residents in that area at this time

Say NO to Rezoning of the Christian International Properties and the building of over 600 apartments combined on the north and south sides of HW98 in South Walton County, FL.

The Developer’s Agreement can only happen if the land is rezoned from Conservation Residential allowing 2 units per acre to General Commercial allowing 17 units per acre.

Although the application is stating that 100% of the 250 apartments on the south side of HW98 will be for affordable workforce housing, this will only be in Phase 2- if at all.

Ironically, they don’t really have a plan for the south side- it could be anything. It could be a senior center, a daycare, and no housing at all which was the main focus and purpose of the project approval for such a MAJOR land use change.

Only 20% of the 408 northside apartments will be for “affordable workforce” housing and there is no guarantee these residents will work in Walton County.

The environmental assessment(EA) also indicated that most of the soil/ sand on property is poorly drained with high water tables, as well as a threatened species, Gulf Coast Lupine, was observed on site.

Last but not least, these large apartment complexes place a huge strain on the already lacking infrastructure including roads, healthcare availability, law enforcement and first responders, drainage/flooding, and schools.

Historically, apartment complexes brought in 0.08 students per unit. However, since 2020, Walton County has been named as one of the fastest growing counties in Florida.

Using more recent apartment complex calculations, this one set of complexes would alone bring in over 100 students to our schools.

Walton County is exploding with growth and no plans for change in infrastructure. Changes in Walton County’s Comprehensive Plan promote increased density changes for affordable housing in areas where there is excess capacity in the public infrastructure.

Clearly, South Walton is not in excess of public infrastructure. Christian International can develop the land as zoned!

Petition Organizers:

Bo Wills

James and Vanessa Carpenter

Jodie Lynn & Thomas Veilleux

Click here to Join the Facebook Group:

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