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Outrage in Walton County as DPZ Consulting Firm Sparks Controversy

In a shocking turn of events, citizens of Walton County have found themselves embroiled in a heated battle with DPZ Consulting Firm, the company tasked with crafting the vision for Walton 2040.

What began as an opportunity for community input and collaboration has devolved into a debacle, with citizens calling for the termination of DPZ's contract.

At the heart of the controversy are allegations of biased polling and unprofessional conduct on social media.

Instead of running neutral polls to gauge public opinion, DPZ has been accused of conducting push polls that push a one-sided agenda.

This blatant disregard for objectivity has left citizens feeling disenfranchised and outraged.

Even more concerning is DPZ's hostile interaction with dissenting voices on social media platforms.

Rather than engaging in constructive dialogue, representatives of the firm have resorted to combative tactics, further inflaming tensions and alienating community members.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that DPZ is not even comprised of local residents.

Despite being paid a hefty sum—reportedly around a million dollars—to shape the future of Walton County, the firm's lack of understanding and respect for the community has only served to exacerbate the situation.

Many citizens have singled out Travis Peterson, purportedly a key figure at DPZ, as the architect of the firm's ill-conceived approach.

Peterson's apparent inability to navigate the nuances of Walton County culture has only reinforced the growing sentiment that DPZ is unfit to lead the planning process.

In light of these developments, calls for DPZ to be removed from its role have grown louder.

Walton County citizens demand accountability and transparency in the planning process, not heavy-handed tactics and disregard for public opinion.

It is clear that DPZ's missteps have eroded trust and confidence in their ability to effectively serve the community.

As the controversy rages on, the citizens of Walton County stand united in their determination to reclaim control of their future—and to demand a big fat refund from DPZ.

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