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Matt Gaetz's Picture Problem: Caught in the Act with Suzanne Harris

In the world of politics, a picture is worth a thousand scandals, and Matt Gaetz seems to have stumbled into the ultimate folly of his career.

A snapshot circulating the internet depicts Gaetz in what can only be described as a compromising position with none other than the infamous Suzanne Harris, the mastermind behind the beach theft scandal that rocked our community to its core.

The question on everyone's mind: Was Gaetz in cahoots with Harris all along?

The evidence seems to suggest so, and if that's the case, Gaetz has some serious explaining to do.

Gone are the days of plausible deniability; now is the time for Gaetz to come clean and own up to his association with Harris.

Perhaps then, and only then, will he be able to salvage his reputation and aspirations for higher office.

Gaetz's ambitions are no secret.

It's widely known that he and his father harbor dreams of seeing him in the highest echelons of power, perhaps even the presidency.

But those dreams may remain just that if Gaetz continues to cozy up to the likes of Harris, a figure so reviled in our community that her name is synonymous with treachery.

The residents of Florida, particularly those in the Panhandle whom Gaetz represents, deserve answers.

Are you with us, Mr. Gaetz, or are you with Suzanne Harris?

The choice is yours, but make no mistake: the consequences of your decision will reverberate far beyond the confines of this scandal.

So, Matt, the ball is in your court. Will you do the right thing and cut ties with Harris, or will you continue down the path of infamy?

Your future, and perhaps even your shot at the presidency, hangs in the balance.

Choose wisely.

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4 opmerkingen

Oh, come on!! She’s WAAAYY too old for him. Everyone knows Gaetz is an ephebophile.


A photo op and now he’s in bed with her…. Did you ask that of EVERYONE what their motives were that took a pic with him???

Reageren op

And Matt’s body language says otherwise… He’s not standing there he’s leaning towards her as in a fast photo op… Your challenging MATT’s “Motives” not hers…

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