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Letter to the Editor: Concerns Regarding

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my deep concerns about a matter that has recently come to my attention involving

My name is Sally Walton, and I have observed an alarming issue that I believe needs urgent attention from the community and the Board of County Commissioners (BCC).

It has come to my notice that Chaz Galloway, whom I believe is associated with, has been creating misleading websites that appear to be official county platforms.

These sites, in particular, mimic the BCC's official comment card system, potentially confusing citizens about the proper channels for addressing concerns with the Board.

As a responsible citizen, I have filled out a comment card to express my complaint and to bring this matter to the attention of the BCC.

My primary concern is the deceptive nature of these websites, as they may mislead unsuspecting citizens seeking official information and channels.

I firmly believe that steps need to be taken to address this issue promptly.

In my opinion, should either be shut down or, at the very least, required to remove the BCC Public Comment Card from its site.

This action is crucial to protect the integrity of official communication channels and to prevent the spread of misleading information.

Additionally, I would like to bring to Chaz Galloway's attention the numerous typos present on the website.

These errors, in my view, detract from the professionalism and credibility of the platform.

I encourage Mr. Galloway to take the necessary steps to rectify these issues promptly.

I trust that our community leaders and the BCC will thoroughly investigate this matter and take appropriate actions to safeguard the interests of the citizens.


Sally Walton

[Contact Information:]

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