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John Walton's Shopping Hotspot Review: Seaside Boutiques

Ah, Seaside – the charming coastal community that captures the essence of Walton County living.

And nestled within its picturesque streets lie some of the most exquisite boutiques you'll ever set foot in.

Now, I may not know much about shopping, but when it comes to the boutiques in Seaside, I can't help but sing their praises.

And we have two remarkable women to thank for transforming these boutiques into world-class destinations: Erica and McKenzie Myers.

Now, some of you may not know this, but McKenzie Myers was actually John Walton's first girlfriend back in the days of Bay Elementary.

Talk about a blast from the past!

Every time I see her, it's like revisiting those innocent childhood days – although I'm pretty sure we were too young to call it dating back then.

But I digress.

Erica and McKenzie have worked wonders with the boutiques in Seaside.

What started as a humble Seaside store selling T-shirts emblazoned with the community's name has evolved into a collection of unique boutiques, each with its own brand and identity.

And they haven't stopped there – they've attracted other entrepreneurs and store owners to join the Seaside family, such as The Art of Simple and Modica Market.

Now, I may be biased due to my nostalgic ties to McKenzie, but even from an objective standpoint, what they've accomplished is truly remarkable.

These boutiques offer an unparalleled shopping experience, whether you're in the market for clothing, gifts, or just browsing for inspiration.

So, if you find yourself in Seaside and you're looking to impress, take a stroll through the boutiques.

You'll be greeted by a plethora of treasures and delights, and who knows?

You might even bump into yours truly during one of my inspirational walks through the neighborhood – what I like to call "Johnny Walton seed" adventures.

But above all, don't forget to give a nod to McKenzie and Erica Myers for their incredible contributions to Seaside's charm and character.

They're not just local treasures – they're the heart and soul of the community.

So here's to Seaside, the boutiques, and the people who make Walton County truly special.


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