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John Walton Reveals to Morano Campaign a tutorial on How Technology Works

In a stunning turn of events and an act of great sportsmanship, John Walton has decided to pull back the curtain and reveal the secrets behind his mastery of technology, media, and politics.

In a YouTube video addressed directly to his opponents, including the likes of Barbara Morano and Suzanne Harris, Walton lays out his strategy for all to see.

"It's all about megabytes," Walton begins, diving headfirst into the intricacies of digital technology.

He then emphasizes the importance of understanding gigabytes, upload speeds, and cloud storage.

But Walton doesn't stop there.

Oh no, he delves deeper into the world of image resolution, proclaiming it to be the linchpin of political success.

"If you don't understand your image resolution, you can't take over politics," he asserts, leaving his opponents wondering if they've been neglecting this crucial aspect of their campaigns.

And let's not forget about bit rate, Walton admonishes, likening it to the very essence of political power.

"It's not about who votes, it's about who counts the votes," he declares, sending shockwaves through the ranks of his rivals.

If your vote counting process has flaws in it, you're gonna end up on the wrong side of a database overload.

But perhaps the most cryptic piece of advice comes when Walton mentions ratios of followers to likes and engagement, as well as the importance of impressions.

"Are you watching your impressions?" he asks, leaving his opponents to ponder the meaning of their own existence in the digital realm.

In typical Walton fashion, the video ends with a tantalizing promise of more tutorials to come on, ensuring that his opponents will never rest easy knowing that he holds the keys to their political futures.

So to Barbara Morano, Suzanne Harris, and the rest of the band of idiots, take heed of John Walton's wisdom, for in the world of Walton County politics, knowledge is power, and Walton holds all the cards.

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