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John Walton Productions Unveils "101 Corruptions"

In a move that combines the whimsy of childhood nostalgia with the harsh realities of local politics, John Walton Productions has announced its latest stage play: "101 Corruptions."

Inspired by the infamous Cruella DeVille of Walton County, Suzanne Harris takes center stage as the modern-day Cruella, wreaking havoc and chaos at every turn.

Much like the classic tale of "101 Dalmatians," "101 Corruptions" follows the sinister exploits of Suzanne Harris as she shamelessly indulges in corruption, greed, and power-hungry antics.

From backroom deals to shady schemes, Suzanne and her partner-in-crime, the bumbling Alan Osborne, leave no stone unturned in their quest for domination over Walton County.

The character synopsis of Suzanne Harris reads like a page torn from the playbook of Cruella De Vil herself.

With her ostentatious wardrobe and penchant for driving around in ridiculous cars, Suzanne embodies the epitome of evil incarnate in Walton County.

Her insatiable appetite for wealth and control knows no bounds, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

As John Walton Productions prepares to bring "101 Corruptions" to the stage, audiences can expect a rollercoaster ride of comedy, drama, and biting social commentary.

Through a series of 101 vignettes, the play will shine a spotlight on the myriad ways in which corruption poisons the fabric of society, from small-town politics to corporate greed.

But the message of "101 Corruptions" goes beyond mere entertainment.

John Walton Productions plans to release a children's book alongside the play, aimed at teaching the youth of Walton County about the dangers of greed, corruption, and unchecked power.

By exposing the nefarious deeds of characters like Suzanne Harris, the hope is to instill a sense of civic responsibility and integrity in future generations.

"101 Corruptions" is set to join the ranks of other John Walton Productions hits, including "Take Me Home County Roads" and "Walton of Oz."

With its bold storytelling and unapologetic satire, this latest installment promises to be a thought-provoking and entertaining journey into the dark underbelly of local politics.

So buckle up, Walton County, because "101 Corruptions" is coming to a theater near you – and it's bound to be a wild ride.

About John Walton ProductionsJohn Walton Productions is a leading entertainment company dedicated to producing thought-provoking and socially relevant stage plays and films.

With a focus on storytelling that challenges convention and sparks conversation, John Walton Productions aims to inspire audiences to think critically about the world around them.

For more information and updates on "101 Corruptions," visit

Contact: John Walton Productions

Phone: 1-800-WAL-CORRUPT

Unmasking Corruption, One Production at a Time.

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