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John Walton Merchandise Series Introduces "Walnuts"

Walton County, USA - March 27, 2024 - The John Walton Merchandise Series is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product: "Walnuts."

Inspired by the infamous truck nuts, this new accessory promises to add a touch of humor and a dash of political satire to any vehicle.

For years, truck nuts have dangled from trailer hitches, daring to provoke laughter and commentary wherever they go.

Now, John Walton is putting his own spin on this classic accessory with "Walnuts."

These bold and brazen ornaments not only offer a cheeky nod to their predecessors but also serve as a symbol of freedom of speech and expression."

These 'Walnuts' aren't just for my supporters," says John Walton, "They're for everyone – especially my critics and opponents who could use a little humor and perspective.

It's time for them to grow a pair and lighten up!"

Proceeds from the sale of "Walnuts" will benefit the John Walton Foundation on Mental Health, a charitable organization dedicated to combating the negative effects of social media on mental health and promoting the healing power of laughter and the comedic arts."

Laughter can change the world," adds Walton. "And in Walton County, we're all about making a positive impact – one chuckle at a time."

In addition to "Walnuts," the John Walton Merchandise Series also includes the highly anticipated John Walton Secret Sauce line, as well as the forthcoming book, A Tale of Two Citizens, and the Walton of Oz Play set to debut this fall.

Pre-orders for "Walnuts" are now available, so don't miss your chance to add a little humor and heart to your ride.

Join the movement and let's help all of Walton County finally "Grow a Pair!"!

For more information and to place your pre-order, visit

Contact: John Walton Merchandise Series

Phone: 1-800-WAL-NUTS

Laugh. Grow. Change the World.

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