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John Walton Exposes Suzanne Harris and Alan Osborne in Bold Letter to Walton County Citizens

Dear Citizens of Walton County,

In recent times, many of you have approached me with curiosity and eagerness about my forthcoming book, "A Tale of Two Citizens."

Your enthusiasm is not only heartening but also reflective of a community deeply invested in understanding its own narrative.

I am writing this letter to shed light on the core essence of my upcoming book and to address a crucial conversation that, I believe, is overdue.

For those who have pondered the central theme of "A Tale of Two Citizens," let me clarify.

This book is an exploration of the last two to three decades of our county's politics, a period that cannot be fully understood without delving into the histories of two influential figures: Suzanne Harris and Alan Osborne.

My reflection over the past decade, combined with a lifetime spent within Walton County, has led me to a profound realization.

We, as a community, have been ensnared in a complex web of propaganda, masterfully woven over two decades by these two political architects.

I say this with a dual sense of respect and critique. Respect, for their undeniable political acumen and intelligence, and critique, for the questionable motives behind their actions.

It is clear to me now that their interests have never truly aligned with the welfare of Walton County.

They have, quite successfully, perpetuated a myth of pervasive corruption within our government, a narrative that has seeped into the collective consciousness of our community.

Growing up and even into my early political career, I was not immune to these narratives.

I, too, believed in the corruption and the so-called 'good old boys' system that was purportedly at the heart of our governance.

It wasn't until I began working within the county, alongside the dedicated employees who serve our community, that I realized the gross misrepresentation of our local government by Osborne and Harris.

Despite their claims, not a single official has been charged or found guilty of corruption.

Yet, their narrative has persisted, undermining the integrity of our electoral process and insulting the intelligence of our citizens.

This revelation was not just a moment of clarity for me; it was a call to action.

My involvement in this narrative is not as an outsider looking in but as a participant who once believed the lies spun by these individuals.

My book, and this letter, are both an acknowledgment of my past beliefs and a commitment to challenge the falsehoods that have plagued our community.

As we stand on the cusp of another election, it is imperative that we not only recognize the manipulative tactics employed by Harris and Osborne but also reaffirm our commitment to truth and integrity.

Their strategy, which has relied on sowing doubt and discord, must not define our future.

Walton County is home to a resilient, hardworking, and god-fearing community.

We are not the gullible electorate that Harris and Osborne would have us believe.

It is time for us to stand together, to question the narratives that have been imposed upon us, and to make decisions based on truth and the genuine well-being of our county.

I urge each of you to approach the upcoming election with a critical eye and an open heart.

Do your research, question the information presented to you, and above all, trust in the collective wisdom of our community.

Together, we can move beyond the divisive tactics of the past and build a future that truly reflects the values and aspirations of Walton County.

Yours in service and solidarity,

John Walton

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