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“If Cindy Meadows ain’t Happy, ….nobody cares…..”

Cindy Meadows Strikes Again: A Comedy of Errors at County Commission Meeting

In yet another display of cluelessness, former commissioner Cindy Meadows made a spectacle of herself at the recent county commission meeting on February 8th, alongside a cohort of Donna Johns supporters.

Their collective misunderstanding of democratic processes was on full display as they attempted to justify nominating Donna Johns as chairman based solely on her gender, stooping to the absurd depths of identity politics.

The scene was nothing short of ridiculous, with Meadows, who suffered a resounding defeat in her election to Tony Anderson 8 years ago, shamelessly attempting to rally support from the audience.

This defeat was arguably the most embarrassing landslide an incumbent county commissioner has ever faced in Walton County history.

In a stunning lack of self-awareness, Meadows warned the commission of electoral consequences for ignoring their minority viewpoint, citing the Southern adage, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

However, Meadows seems oblivious to the fact that Walton County is not a hotbed of left-wing extremism, nor are its female voters a monolithic bloc swayed by appeals to gender alone.

In fact, many find her pandering to be not only offensive but also out of touch with the shifting tides of feminism.

The irony is palpable as Meadows conveniently forgets her own electoral defeat at the hands of Anderson, undermining her credibility as a political prognosticator.

Her descent into irrelevance seems inevitable as she continues to make a mockery of herself on social media, seemingly oblivious to her waning influence.

In the end, perhaps Meadows should heed her own advice and change the saying to, "if Cindy Meadows ain't happy, nobody cares."

For it seems her antics are met with little more than eye rolls and derision from those who have grown tired of her theatrics.

As the election cycle looms, some even cheer for Meadows to run again, if only to further highlight the depths of her delusion and irrelevance.

In the meantime, the county commission would do well to focus on governing with integrity and sound judgment, rather than succumbing to the petty theatrics of a fading political relic.

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Jim McDowell
Jim McDowell
Feb 13

Cindi is right. The election is coming, and we can get rid of some of these commissioners regardless of what John Walton says.

Replying to

So informed yet you don't know who's running?

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