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Golf Carts on 30A: A "Problem" That Speaks Volumes About Our Sheriff's Office

In a surprising turn of events, the recent surveys conducted by revealed an unexpected front-runner in citizens' concerns – golf carts on 30A.

While opinions may vary on whether golf carts truly pose a problem, they operate legally as street vehicles, serving as natural speed regulators on a road where slower speeds are not only recommended but essential for safety.

As a community that thrives on tourism, with residences often situated on the north side of 30A and visitors needing to traverse the road to reach the beach, the argument for maintaining controlled speeds becomes evident.

If any adjustments to speed limits are made, it is more likely they would decrease rather than increase.

The issue often cited with golf carts pertains to underage drivers, a legitimate concern that merits addressing.

However, the broader perspective here is crucial. The fact that golf carts are the primary concern among Walton County residents speaks volumes about the effectiveness and success of our Sheriff's Office.

In comparison to neighboring counties grappling with serious crimes, drug problems, or homicides, the fact that golf carts top the list of resident grievances indicates the exceptional safety and security maintained by Sheriff Michael Adkinson and his dedicated team.

The data point to a community where law enforcement is successfully managing to keep crime and more significant issues at bay.

This editorial is a collective nod to Sheriff Michael Adkinson and the Walton County Sheriff's Office.

It applauds their commitment to community safety, recognizing that if golf carts are our most pressing issue, we are indeed fortunate.

As residents, let's continue to support our Sheriff's Office and work together to address concerns like underage drivers on golf carts, all while acknowledging the privileged position we hold when safety concerns primarily revolve around golf carts meandering along our beloved 30A.

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