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GOB Network Celebrates Victory: Stan Sunday Appointed County Administrator

In a significant win for the GOB network, Stan Sunday's recent appointment as the permanent county administrator in Walton County marks a pivotal moment in local governance.

With this appointment comes the inevitable question: who will be his trusted deputy county administrator?

Given Sunday's close ties to the GOB circles, it's only natural to speculate that his choice for deputy will come from within this influential network.

While official confirmation is pending, insider information from GOB insiders suggests that a top candidate is already in mind.

To decipher the likely choice, one must consider the typical criteria for selecting a deputy county administrator.

This individual typically hails from the area, possesses intimate knowledge of local players and politics, and boasts experience in Walton County government and administration.

Enter a former county commissioner who recently served as the city manager for the largest municipality in Walton County.

This individual ticks all the boxes for qualifications and is undeniably the most suitable candidate for the role. In fact, it's difficult to imagine why anyone else would be chosen.

As far as this reporter is concerned, the pieces are already falling into place, signaling a continuation of the status quo within the county administration.

For the GOB, this appointment represents a significant triumph, providing momentum as the next election cycle approaches, with three county commissioner seats up for grabs.

Indeed, it's an auspicious time for the GOB, and the future of Walton County appears promising.

Stay tuned as this story unfolds, as there are undoubtedly more developments on the horizon.

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