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Galloway Legacy Continues with Second Galloway School Opening in Defuniak Springs, Florida

Updated: Mar 30

Defuniak Springs, FL – Charles Gresham Galloway, grandson of the renowned visionary founder Elliot Galloway, is proud to announce plans for the opening of the second Galloway School in his hometown of Defuniak Springs, Florida.

Building upon the legacy of the famous Galloway School in Buckhead, Atlanta, Galloway aims to carry forward his grandfather's vision and create a modern educational institution with a twist.

The new Galloway School in Defuniak Springs will be a testament to innovation and creativity, offering a curriculum that expands on the traditional model with a focus on technology, public relations, and performing arts.

With a larger tech department and enhanced performing arts facilities, the school aims to nurture the diverse talents of its students and prepare them for success in the modern world.

In honor of the mentors and influencers who have shaped his journey, Galloway plans to name various departments and buildings after key figures in his life.

From political mentors like Danny Glidewell and Mike Barker to visionary friends like Theresa Lowrey and Catherine Strauss, each namesake will represent a unique aspect of the school's curriculum and ethos.

Notably, even Galloway's opponents, Suzanne Harris and Alan Osborne, will be honored with namesakes for certain departments, serving as reminders of the importance of ethical conduct and accountability in society.

Whether they choose to be professors or case studies, their legacy will be woven into the fabric of the school's educational mission.

The campus, situated in downtown Defuniak Springs, aims to revive the spirit of the historic Chautauqua Resort, offering a blend of tradition and innovation in its architectural design.

With plans for future expansion and development, the Galloway School promises to be a cornerstone of education and enlightenment in Walton County for generations to come.

For more information and updates on the Galloway School project, visit

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