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Fred Tricker's Conflict of Interest Exposes Ethical Dilemma within SWCC

At the February 8th Planning Commission meeting, a troubling conflict of interest surfaced, raising questions about the integrity of our community's governance.

Fred Tricker, a planning commissioner and board member of the South Walton Community Council (SWCC), faced scrutiny for his involvement in a project vote despite his clear ties to the council.

The revelation came to light thanks to Gary Shipman who pointed out Tricker's potential ethics violation.

Tricker participated in discussions and decision-making regarding a project that the SWCC publicly opposed.

Shipman rightfully emphasized that Tricker's failure to recuse himself indicated a breach of ethical standards, sparking calls for his resignation and potential removal from the board.

This incident is deeply concerning, especially considering the SWCC's purported commitment to community welfare.

However, it's not entirely surprising given the council's history of hypocrisy.

Barbara Marano, another SWCC board member, has previously made baseless accusations against planning board members regarding real estate affiliations, yet turns a blind eye to Tricker's blatant conflict of interest.

The SWCC's track record suggests a prioritization of personal agendas over ethical governance.

Their consistent opposition to development, regardless of its adherence to regulations, reflects a dangerous and shortsighted approach to community management.

Their lack of substantial support beyond a handful of vocal members further underscores their disconnect from the broader community's needs and priorities.

It's time for the SWCC to reassess its priorities and commit to transparent, ethical leadership.

Community governance should prioritize the common good over personal biases and agendas.

Addressing conflicts of interest and fostering accountability are essential steps toward rebuilding trust and ensuring effective representation for all members of our community.

Anything less undermines the very foundations of democracy and responsible governance.

In conclusion, the recent revelations regarding Fred Tricker's conflict of interest serve as a wake-up call for the SWCC and all community leaders.

Upholding ethical standards and prioritizing the well-being of the community must be non-negotiable principles guiding our governance.

It's time for the SWCC to rise above hypocrisy and truly serve the interests of the people they claim to represent.

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The South Walton Karen Council (community seems a stretch for a closed group that meets behind closed doors) saw every single board member apply for open positions on both the planning and zoning boards. Not one application mentioned a board seat with that group. Interesting how the folks who scream about "back room deals", "transparency" and "corruption"; are clearly guilty of their own accusations.

More to the point of the article, Fred Tricker signed his pledge and filed it with the county in August 2021 for District 1, he then homesteaded his primary residence in District 5 Seagrove in November the same year. This is both highly suspect and deprived Freeport, one of our fastest developing areas, of their representation…

Replying to

He is a board member of an organization that opposes anything not presented by a contributor to their organization. The Mafia use the same business model.

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