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Famed Local Author, John Walton, Announces Tell-All Book: "A Tale of 2 Citizens" Exposing Three Decades of Walton County Politics

Renowned local author John Walton has revealed exciting details about his upcoming book, "A Tale of 2 Citizens," set to provide an unprecedented insight into the last 30 years of Walton County politics.

The book centers on the stories and political actions of two controversial figures, Suzanne Harris and Alan Osborne, and their profound impact on the community.

What sets this exposé apart is the collaboration with private citizens who, despite being wronged, hesitated to come forward due to potential retaliation.

Walton is dedicated to shedding light on the truth and has meticulously documented stories based on firsthand accounts, public records, and transcripts of county meetings spanning three decades.

"All the stories are 100% factual, derived from BCC meetings and those directly involved.

It's a chronicle of the consequences Walton County faced due to the spread of false information, misinformation, and alleged blackmail by Harris and Osborne," stated John Walton.

Part 1 of the book is scheduled for release by the end of the year, offering an insightful Christmas present for those intrigued by Walton County politics.

Walton encourages citizens with additional stories about Harris and Osborne to come forward. Privacy is guaranteed, and interviews can be arranged through

When asked if he expects any lawsuits to be filed by the two citizens profiled in the book, Walton answered "Yeah, I would hope so."

The author also hints at potential documentary and Netflix film adaptations, solidifying "A Tale of 2 Citizens" as a groundbreaking work that will captivate audiences beyond the pages of the book.

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact

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