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Exposed: Cheat Sheet Reveals True Colors of Walton County Commissioners

In a shocking turn of events, a leaked cheat sheet has surfaced, shedding light on the true nature of our esteemed county commissioners.

The photo clearly identifies the two most senior commissioners, Danny Glidewell and Chairman Tony Anderson, as the rightful leaders of Walton County.

Born and bred in the heart of our community, these two have always stood up for the people, supporting customary use and fighting for our rights.

But the real bombshell comes with the bottom three names on the list.

Donna Johns is labeled a criminal, and it's no surprise given her track record of using her powers as a commissioner to carry out personal vendettas and suppress freedom of speech.

Let's not forget her flip-flopping stance on customary use, showing her true colors when it comes to protecting our beaches.

Next up is Brad Drake, labeled as a traitor for his role in selling out our beaches during his time in the legislature.

Aligning himself with the likes of Suzanne Harris, Brad Drake has betrayed the trust of Walton County residents and put personal gain above the well-being of our community.

And then there's little boy boots, Boots McCormick, the lone sexual predator on the board. With a laundry list of sexual harassment lawsuits and pending cases, it's clear that Boots is a danger to our community.

Living just a stone's throw away from the Lucky Star Bar in Freeport, his behavior is not only unacceptable but downright dangerous.

Now, it's time for action.

With three votes tainted by betrayal, corruption, and predatory behavior, the governor must step in or these commissioners must resign immediately.

The safety and well-being of our community depend on it.

And if you're still unsure who to support, just take a look at the cheat sheet. It couldn't be clearer.

Sign the Petition to Take Back Our Beaches

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