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Edgewater Condominiums: The Case of the Missing Beaches

In a shocking revelation, residents of Edgewater Condominiums have been blindsided by news of a forensic audit spanning the last 30 years.

What started as a routine investigation into their property manager's lavish lifestyle has morphed into a full-blown scandal involving stolen beaches and embezzled funds.

Questions abound as to how a 75-year-old property manager could afford to drive a Maserati, especially on the meager salary typically associated with such a position.

Residents, accustomed to the status quo, never questioned the peculiarities until now.

With hindsight as their guide, they realize they may have been unwitting accomplices in a decades-long scheme orchestrated by none other than Suzanne Harris herself.

Alan Osborne, the whistleblower of this sordid affair, may finally get the forensic audit he's been clamoring for, albeit not in the manner he anticipated.

Instead of investigating Suzanne's misdeeds, attention has shifted to the Edgewater Condominiums, where residents are left to grapple with the realization that their hard-earned money may have been lining Suzanne's pockets all along.

It's a cautionary tale of complacency and blind trust, as residents come to terms with the possibility that they've been taken for a ride by their own property manager.

If they fail to see the smoke signals emanating from Suzanne's trail of deceit, they risk becoming unwitting victims of her nefarious schemes.

As the forensic audit unfolds, residents brace themselves for the harsh truth that awaits.

Will justice be served, or will they remain sheep led to the slaughter? Only time will tell as the scandalous saga of Edgewater Condominiums continues to unfold.

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1 Comment

Chas Galloway, you are a real piece of work, I mean lowlife. I have known the Corretti family for years, knew Suzanne's father who was a respected attorney and property investor. Her money is family money, not embezzeled as you accuse. She drives a nice car because she can, not because of stolen money, and the attack on Alan Osbourne is also unwarranted, yet you do this behind an alias of John Walton. Just stop. Suzanne Harris and Alan Osbourne are in the chambers to preserve the community you and your comrades have destroyed. How much money have you collected from developers and property investors over the years?

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