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Donna Johns' Supporters Caught in a Web of Hypocrisy

In a recent poll posted by citizen Jon Ward in the non Karen Facebook group, the question of sharing private text messages on public social media sites was posed, and the results were astonishing.

An overwhelming percentage, including a significant number of Donna Johns' supporters, expressed disapproval of such actions.

While I typically don't align with their views, I commend their stance on maintaining the privacy of personal messages.

However, the real hypocrisy becomes glaringly evident when we revisit the infamous WaltonGate incident.

Donna Johns, a sitting county commissioner, presented private text messages in a government meeting.

This move was later revealed to be linked to a stolen iPad from an illicit citizen surveillance operation within county administration.

This operation potentially led to the dismissal of Quinn Robertson and might implicate others like Joe Turner.

An ongoing investigation by the sheriff's office will unveil more details.

What's intriguing is that many of the same individuals who participated in the poll, expressing disapproval of sharing private text messages, were supporting Donna Johns when she presented these texts in the BCC meeting.

And adding to the hypocrisy, a lot of these people were very happy to share the text messages that Donna presented at the meeting all over social media.

Public records suggest that some of them could even be linked to the Walton Gate scandal.

This disparity underscores the hypocrisy within Donna Johns' support base.

It seems that Donna Johns' supporters are caught in a web of contradiction, not realizing the consequences of their actions.

This editorial sheds light on their inconsistent stance, emphasizing that understanding the repercussions of their choices is an essential step forward.

In conclusion, while it's commendable that some Donna Johns' supporters are recognizing the value of privacy, their inconsistent actions only highlight the confusion within their ranks.

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