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Donna Johns' Supporters Admit to Illegal Citizen Surveillance Operation

In the ongoing saga of Donna Johns and the tumultuous events surrounding Walton County, just when you thought her supporters couldn't possibly offer any more bizarre justifications, a new day dawns, and the absurdity reaches new heights.

Recently, Donna Johns openly presented private text messages of a political opponent, messages that were allegedly obtained through an illegal citizen surveillance operation within county administration.

This revelation raises serious concerns about potential violations of the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure.

The repercussions of this action have been significant; county administrator Quinn Robertson was terminated, and assistant deputy county administrator Joe Turner may face a similar fate.

Astonishingly, amidst terminations and an ongoing criminal investigation by the sheriff's office, Donna Johns' supporters have boldly asserted that this surveillance operation was entirely legal.

Their rationale defies logic, contending that because the operation involved county property, it was justified—even though the targeted citizen hadn't been associated with Walton County for over two years.

According to them, monitoring someone's private communications indefinitely after their employment with the county ceases is fair game.

This audacious stance becomes even more incredulous when considering that the obtained messages were then used by Donna Johns in a public meeting to level accusations against the individual.

Lynnie Scott, a prominent supporter of Donna Johns, took to social media to openly admit to this citizen surveillance operation.

Astonishingly, she argued that despite the clear violation of privacy, it was somehow legitimate because it involved a county iPad.

Her explanation is as perplexing as the situation itself.

Even though the victim hadn't worked for the county in two years, Scott insisted it was entirely acceptable to continue monitoring his text messages and for Donna Johns to exploit them in a public setting.

It's essential to grasp the gravity of the situation: Donna Johns and her supporters are unabashedly asserting that it's permissible to subject private citizens to surveillance indefinitely, based solely on their past employment with the county.

The absurdity of these claims adds another layer of incredulity to an already convoluted narrative.

In a twist that adds to the narrative's complexity, it's crucial to acknowledge that legal experts, judges, or juries would likely reject these arguments.

The Donna Johns supporters appear to be operating on a planet of their own, disconnected from the legal principles that govern such actions.

In the theatre of Walton County politics, where each day brings a new revelation, the admission of an illegal citizen surveillance operation by Donna Johns' supporters is a plot twist that defies reason and raises alarming questions about privacy, legality, and the ethical conduct of those in positions of power.

Stay tuned for Lynnie's next trick....

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