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DeFuniak Springs Moves Forward with Charter Change Referendum

In a resounding display of civic engagement and community spirit, residents of DeFuniak Springs are rallying together to propel their city forward.

Faced with a series of challenges and turnover in city management, local residents are advocating for a crucial change to the city's Charter that promises to bring stability and progress.

The proposed change seeks to establish a permanent city manager position, ensuring continuity and effective leadership for DeFuniak Springs.

More importantly, residents are calling for a city manager who hails from the local area, possesses a deep love for the community, and has a proven track record of getting things done.

The past year has seen remarkable improvements under the current city management.

City employee morale has soared, leading to increased productivity and efficiency across various departments.

Long-standing issues, such as water and sewer infrastructure problems lingering for over a decade, are finally being addressed with urgency and diligence.

One significant milestone achieved is the completion of a key audit that was two years behind schedule.

This audit, now released with an outstanding opinion, is a testament to the city's commitment to transparency and accountability.

Moreover, it will safeguard vital state revenue that flows into the city, ensuring financial stability for years to come.

The groundswell of support for the Charter change is palpable throughout DeFuniak Springs.

Residents have taken to the streets, proudly displaying signs, billboards, and buttons, urging fellow community members to endorse the proposed amendment.

The overwhelming consensus is clear: DeFuniak Springs needs a permanent city manager to lead the charge towards progress and prosperity.

As the referendum vote approaches, it is imperative for all residents to stand united in support of this crucial change.

By approving the Charter amendment, we can ensure that the dedicated team currently at the helm of our city's affairs can continue their invaluable work for the betterment of DeFuniak Springs.

Let's seize this opportunity to shape the future of our community and cement DeFuniak Springs' position as a beacon of resilience, unity, and progress.

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Todd Martin
Todd Martin
Feb 27

Hey Chucky, how did the his fake bogus page work out for you? Seems your side keeps losing? Robert Nelson and you aren’t very good at this, are you?


NOT ALL local residents are advocating for a change to the city's Charter. Residents HAVE taken to the streets, urging fellow community members to VOTE NO! The audit has been completed because of the QUALIFIED STAFF we have and the outside agencies that they have been working with, not because of the INTERM City Manager. Please do not speak on behalf of the residents or the employees when there are MANY who disagree with this article! The optics of this entire situation is not good for our city. Hopefully there will be recourse for the “non-action“ from the very beginning of this process and we can only hope that our citizens will stand firm for our charter come Monday!


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