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Dan Curry: The British Loyalist in Walton County Politics

In the ongoing saga of Walton County politics, a new character has emerged: Dan Curry, or as his constituents have affectionately dubbed him, "Dan the Developer."

But the love affair between Dan and his constituents seems to have hit a rocky patch, with allegations of betrayal and hypocrisy swirling around the once-beloved figure.

The source of the outrage?

Dan's apparent cozying up to foreign developers, a move that has left his constituents feeling betrayed and disillusioned.

Despite his campaign promises to steer clear of developer money, Dan's campaign reports tell a different story, with donations flowing in from Horsepower Pavilion, a property owner embroiled in a legal battle with the county over development rights.

The irony is thick in this tale of political intrigue. For years, Dan and his supporters have railed against other candidates for their alleged ties to developers, painting themselves as champions of the people. But now, faced with evidence of Dan's own dalliance with developers, his constituents are crying foul and demanding answers.

But what's truly concerning about Dan's behavior is not just his flip-flop on developer funding, but the possibility that he may be harboring anti-American sentiments.

The developers behind Horsepower Pavilion are British, prompting some to wonder if Dan's allegiance lies not with Walton County, but across the pond.

The parallels to history are eerie. Just as the American Revolution was sparked by grievances against British policies, so too are Dan's constituents questioning whether he will promote "taxation without representation" if elected.

And whispers of Dan's possible ties to British Petroleum, the company responsible for the devastating BP oil spill, only add fuel to the fire.

In the eyes of his constituents, Dan Curry is not just another politician.

He is a British loyalist in a county that prides itself on its American heritage.

As the battle lines are drawn and allegiances tested, one thing is clear: the fight for Walton County's future has never been more reminiscent of the struggle for independence.

So as the election approaches, citizens must ask themselves: do we want a British loyalist representing us, or a true patriot who will fight tooth and nail for the values and interests of Walton County?

The choice is ours to make.

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