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Dan Cosson's Divisive Rhetoric: Undermining Unity in Walton County

In a recent special meeting where the confirmation of Stan Sunday's appointment took center stage, the spotlight was unexpectedly seized by Defuniak Springs resident Dan Cosson.

Known for his knack for stirring controversy and spreading unverified information, Cosson chose to be part of the problem rather than contributing to the solution for the betterment of Walton County.

During an unadvised public comment session, which required a suspension of the rules to allow, Dan Cosson showcased a rather emotional and overly serious speech – a typical characteristic of his public addresses.

In an attempt to call out Commissioner Danny Glidewell based on a hearsay rumor, Cosson's allegations were swiftly addressed.

Commissioner Tony Anderson rightly called him out of line, and Glidewell clarified the misinformation, sharing that he had a recent professional and positive meeting with Stan Sunday.

It is crucial to question the motive behind Cosson's actions, particularly when they serve only to further divide the community.

His choice to exploit the public comment process for personal agendas highlights a need for reform in this system, as this incident underscores the potential for abuse.

What adds an ironic twist to this tale is Cosson's unwavering support for Donna Johns, who coincidentally was just handed the chairmanship in the same meeting.

One must wonder why, despite this apparent victory for his preferred commissioner, Cosson opted for a moment of divisiveness.

Dan Cosson's involvement in county affairs, notably on the Coastal Connection TV show, has been marked by inconsistent allegiances, often aligning with whichever side aligns with figures like Suzanne Harris or Barbara Marano.

His tendency to parrot others' talking points without demonstrating independent thought raises questions about the value of his contributions to county discussions.

The incident involving Cosson serves as a stark reminder of the need for thoughtful and constructive public discourse.

It also fuels the argument for reforming public comment sessions to ensure they are platforms for genuine concerns and constructive input rather than vehicles for personal vendettas and baseless accusations.

As we reflect on this episode, it's evident that individuals like Dan Cosson can hinder the progress and unity Walton County needs.

Moving forward, we must critically assess who we allow to contribute to public discussions, ensuring that our county's affairs are guided by reason, transparency, and a commitment to the common good.

Call to Action: Share Your Thoughts Below

Do you believe that public comment sessions need reform in Walton County?

Share your opinions in the comments section and be part of the dialogue for a more transparent and united community.

Effective communication is key to the success of local government.

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Mr. Cosson's despicable and emotional lecture directed towards the BCC during his 3 minute public comment was is inexcusable!


You shouldn't be able to silence people just because you don't like what they are saying. Changing rules to favor your best interest seems pretty tyrannical to me.

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